Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Travel insurance

When you take a trip outside your home country, you should always check to see if your own health insurance travels with you. one type of insurance, evacuation insurance is almost never covered by health plans. This is the type of insurance that will send you to the best place to take care of you should you have an accident or have a severe sickness.
So even if you feel that your own health insurance is adequate, you still need to consider evacuation insurance.
A friend of a client recently went to Italy and came down with a severe staff infection.
The cost to bring him home to the US was over $100,000.
The insurance would have been a tiny fraction of this amount.
You are spending enough on your travel not to skimp on a really important benefit that can turn a catastrophe into just a problem.
Talk to us about evacuation insurance.
We have many options for you.

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